Type III (550lb) Needles

3 1/2\" 550lb Tapered Tip Stainless Steel Stitching Needles
3 1/2" 550lb Tapered Tip Stainless Steel Stitching Needles

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Jig Pro Shop is proud to introduce one of the finest paracord stitching needles available on the market today!

These needles are manufactured from extremely high quality medical grade Stainless Steel.

Stitching needles are a great tool for your paracord projects. Use them for adding ribbons, and thin lines to your projects.

These needles feature a long, tapered head design. The other end is open and threaded just the right size allowing you to twist your paracord into it. Simply melt the end of your paracord with a lighter and form it into a point before it dries. Then you can twist the end of the paracord into the threaded end of the stitching needle.

These needles are 3 1/2" in length and the perfect all-purpose size for small to intermediate sized projects.

We recommend having a minimum of (4) of these needles in your paracord kit so your able to use one attached to each end of multi-cord projects while weaving.

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