Paracord Fusion Ties Backpack Edition (PFTBE)
Paracord Fusion Ties Backpack Edition (PFTBE)

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Details: Paracord Fusion Ties Backpack Edition (PFTBE) is specifically designed to provide a compact, backpack portable collection of step-by-step paracord knot and tie instructions (over 25 in all!). Perfect for survivalists, outdoor adventurers, creative campers, and paracord enthusiasts, PFTBE features a wide ranging assortment of paracord fusion ties, sourced from three separate fulllength books: Paracord Fusion Ties Volume 1, Paracord Fusion Ties Volume 2, and Paracord Project Inspirations.

Generating hours of paracord instruction insights, some of which could one day save your life, this book is a must have for camping packs, survival kits, and bug out bags alike!

J.D. Lenzen has been formally recognized by the International Guild of Knot Tyers (IGKT) for his contributions to knotting, and is the originator of fusion knotting—the creation of innovative knots and ties through the merging of different knot elements or knotting techniques.

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