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Uni-Monkey Fist Pro Plus Jig (Blue)
Uni-Monkey Fist Pro Plus Jig (Blue)

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Details: The Uni-Monkey Fist Pro Plus Jig is by far one of our easiest to use and most versatile monkey fist jigs and simplifies the monkey fist making process This jig will help produce a nice, even monkey fist.

The double sided rotating head comes with large laser etched rulers for measurements in both inches and centimeters.

The base has a laser etched guide showing the minimum amount of 550# paracord (measured in feet) for various diameter cores.

The upright stand design provide for a very stable platform to make monkey fists of all sizes on an easy to use horizontal working plane allowing the tying of monkey fist knots of all sizes in just minutes.

The Uni-Monkey Fist Pro Plus Jig is capable of making monkey fists from 5/8" up to 4" in diameter all on the same jig (a standard size softball measures 3 1/2").

Please note that the cores and finished Monkey Fists shown in the photos are for illustration purposes only and are not included.

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