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Anonymous Mint

Death From Above 1 oz .999 Pure Copper Round
Death From Above 1 oz .999 Pure Copper Round

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Details: Death From Above 1 oz .999 pure copper round

It just takes one psychotic lunatic to push the button resulting in panic, chaos, death and mass destruction. A nuclear event with subsequent radioactive fallout would cause worldwide PANDEMONIUM. Life as you know it would cease to exist. It is just a matter of time. It is inevitable.

When the lights go out ... The lights will go out. The internet will fail. Computers will crash. Monies held in accounts accessible online will disappear. Banks and investment firms will lose all data. AND what will you be left with??? How will you defend your home and the only tangible assets you have in your actual possession? And by God, let's hope your tangible assets include guns, knives and precious metals.

What will you use to trade or barter with? That's right - good old fashioned, time-tested precious metals. Back to the start of the way the world originally traded. The people understand the value of silver, gold and copper. Your new best friends will be weapons, and trust me, you will be sleeping together! Nothing defends the home like an automatic weapon.

With weapons and coins, you will be able to get what you need one way or the other. Be prepared, invest in bullion, stock your weapons - buy yourself piece of mind.

Comes in a 2" x 2" clear vinyl presentation sleeve

Diameter = 39 mm (1.54 in.) ~ Slightly larger than a US Silver Dollar
Thickness = 2.5 mm (0.098 in.)
Gross Weight = 1 Avoirdupois ounce (28.35 grams)

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