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3 1/2\" Type II Stitching Needle ~ Pink
(image for) 3 1/2" Type II Stitching Needle ~ Pink
(image for) 3 1/2" Type II Stitching Needle ~ Pink

3 1/2" Type II Stitching Needle ~ Pink


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Jig Pro Shop LLC is proud to introduce some of the finest paracord stitching needles available on the market today!

These needles are manufactured from solid billet aluminum stock and are extremely durable. They work well with Mid-Size 220#, 275#, 325#, 330#, 400#, 425#, Type II Paracord, & Others.

Stitching needles are a great tool for your paracord projects. Use them for adding ribbons, and thin lines to your projects.

These needles feature a blunted tip that won't snag, and allows for easy threading. The other end has deep threads to provide a positive grip on your paracord. Simply melt the end of your paracord with a lighter and form it into a point before it dries. Then you can twist the end of the paracord into the threaded end of the stitching needle.

These needles are 3 1/2" in length and the perfect all-purpose size for small to intermediate sized projects.

These needles are smaller in diameter than most similar needles. This allows for greater ease of threading through tightly woven weaves, braids, or knots. They also have an anodized finish which microscopically closes the pores, creating much less resistance when threading them through your paracord projects. (Most of the aluminum needles found on the market today use an abrasive polishing technique. This leaves tiny open pores on the surface of the aluminum that increases resistance when threading through tight weaves and also leaves a metallic residue that can stain lighter color paracords).

Note: Not all manufacturers make cordages the same. Due to the many variations in the different sizes of cordage it may be necessary to form the end of your cord into either a mushroom or pointed shape when melting it to get it to fit into the needle/fid properly.

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