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Nidhoggr ~ Dragon 1 oz .999 Pure Copper Round (1st Design of the Nordic Creatures Series)
Nidhoggr ~ Dragon 1 oz .999 Pure Copper Round (1st Design of the Nordic Creatures Series)

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Details: Nidhoggr ~ Dragon (Nordic Creatures) 1 oz .999 pure copper round

Nidhoggr ~ Dragon is the 1st Design of the Nordic Creatures Series  

These rounds were produced in a limited mintage of 100,000 pieces

It is very likely these round will increase in value quickly as they are becoming increasingly more difficult to find

Our inventory of this round is VERY LIMITED

The Dragon Níðhöggr is portrayed on the obverse of the coin.  In Norse mythology, there was a world beyond Hel called Niflheim, the grimmest of all places, where those who were wicked were thrown. The Dragon Níðhöggr dwells in Niflheim where he gnaws at the roots of The World Tree.  The word Níðhöggr means malice striker - dragon of destruction.  The dragon is said to chew the corpses of murderers and oath breakers.  It is believed that the roots of The World Tree are trapping the beast, keeping him from the world.

The World Tree, Yggdrasil, is portrayed on the reverse of the coin series.  According to Norse mythology, Yggdrasil connects the nine Norse worlds.  Yggdrasil is an immense ash tree whose branches reach far into the heavens.  Its three roots grow in three directions - under one root is Hel and Niflheim, under the second root the frost giants, and humankind under the third.  Beneath the root that reaches the frost giants is a well containing much knowledge and wisdom.  Many creatures live within The World Tree, and the great ash suffers more agony then men can know, a stag bites it above, at its side it rots, and the Dragon Níðhöggr gnaws it below.  The three Norns of fate care for the great ash.  It was at Yggdrasil that Odin founded the runic alphabet making it possible for men to communicate through written words.  Being the most holy of all places, the gods assemble there daily to decide what is just and unjust.  After their daily council, they would travel the rainbow bridge home to Asgard, land of the gods.

Comes in a 2" x 2" clear vinyl presentation sleeve

Diameter = 39 mm (1.54 in.) ~ Slightly larger than a US Silver Dollar
Thickness = 2.5 mm (0.098 in.)
Gross Weight = 1 Avoirdupois ounce (28.35 grams)

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