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Paracord Knot Instructions

Below are some helpful resources for different projects that can be made on our jigs:

Monkey Fist Instructions

Please note: For our Multi-Monkey Jigs that utilize wooden dowels:
The dowels are made to fit tight intentionally so they won't work loose while working on a project. We recommend using dry bar soap or candle wax to help start them. We advise against trying to make the holes larger, sanding the dowels, or using liquid soap or petroleum-based products on them, as these will cause the dowels to swell.

Knitting Spool Instructions

The Knitting Spool can be used similarly to a lucet or a French knit. The devices shown in the links below are different, but the same concepts can be utilized on our Knitting Spool, using from 2 to 8 prongs. Note: We recommend a lighter cord than 550# Type III Paracord when using more than 4 prongs, as larger cord can become difficult to work with once you get a knot going.

People are always coming up with new ideas for paracord projects, so we also like to recommend performing a search on Google or YouTube every once in a while, as these will yield almost unlimited resources for different projects to pursue.

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