30 Caliber Bolt Action Bullet Pen

30 Caliber Bolt Action Bullet Pen in (Chechen) Chrome/Rose Gold
30 Caliber Bolt Action Bullet Pen in (Chechen) Chrome/Rose Gold

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Details: These beautiful pens are hand crafted and finished one-at-a-time by TCL Creations.

Comes with a new, fine tip, black ink, ball point pen cartridge.

Accepts easily found, standard size, Parker ink cartridge refills.

Core Material: Wood

Core Type: Chechen

Maker: Each piece hand crafted and finished by TCL Creations.

Dimensions: Approximately 5 1/2" long by 1/2" in diameter.

Common Name(s): Chechen, Chechem, Black Poisonwood, Caribbean Rosewood

Indigenous Areas: Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Guatemala, Belize, and southeastern Mexico

Tree Size: 50-115 ft (15-35 m) tall, 3-5 ft (1-1.5 m) trunk diameter

Color/Appearance: Heartwood color is highly varied, with red, orange, and brown contrasted with darker stripes of blackish brown. Color tends to shift to a darker reddish brown with age. Well defined sapwood is a pale yellow

Grain/Texture: Grain is usually straight, but may be wild or interlocked. With a uniform medium to fine texture and good natural luster.

Comments: Its alternate name, Black Poisonwood, comes from its toxic sap, which turns black and causes severe skin reactions similar to poison ivy—and both are classified in the same family: Anacardiaceæ. However, the wood itself is safe to handle, though there are some allergenic reactions associated with the wood dust. Because of its density, natural luster, and beautiful coloration, Chechen is sometimes referred to as Caribbean Rosewood, though it is not a true rosewood in the Dalbergia genus.

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