30 Caliber Bolt Action Bullet Pen

30 Caliber Bolt Action Bullet Pen in (Bamboo) Chrome/Rose Gold
30 Caliber Bolt Action Bullet Pen in (Bamboo) Chrome/Rose Gold

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Details: These beautiful pens are hand crafted and finished one-at-a-time by TCL Creations.

Comes with a new, fine tip, black ink, ball point pen cartridge.

Accepts easily found, standard size, Parker ink cartridge refills.

Core Material: Wood

Core Type: Bamboo

Maker: Each piece hand crafted and finished by TCL Creations.

Dimensions: Approximately 5 1/2" long by 1/2" in diameter.

Bamboo Information:

Common Name(s): Bamboo

Indigenous Areas: Most timber-producing bamboos are from south Asia

Tree Size: Some of the largest bamboos can be up to 50-100 ft (15-30 m) tall, with a 3-6 in (10-20 cm) diameter

Color/Appearance: Generally a uniform and pale yellow to almost white. Live bamboo that has been left standing too long frequently develops fungal decay, discoloring the wood with brown or black streaks and patches.

Grain/Texture: Being a monocot in the grass family, bamboo does not have any sapwood/heartwood or growth rings. Texture is very uniform, and ranges from medium to fine depending on density. Bamboo that has been split and processed into lumber will have intermittent variations in the fiber at each node on the stem.

Comments: Bamboo is one of the most unique plants on earth. Unlike trees, bamboo grows initially at full width, with no tapering or horizontal growth. Some species can grow up to three feet a day! After just one year, bamboo reaches its full height, and in subsequent years, the stem (called the “culm”) continues to harden. The strength of the bamboo continues to increase for the next two to four years; most species of bamboo are considered fully mature in just two to three years. After this time, fungus and mold begin to cover the outside of the culm, eventually working its way into the interior, weakening the plant over several years before it eventually collapses from decay. For this reason, there is a window of time when it is considered best to harvest bamboo for optimum strength and hardness.

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